Thursday, August 31, 2017

Back to School

July 26 pics of Hadley- 7 months

We are sad daddy had to go back to work

We are getting ready for school to start this week.  I searched around pinterest for some ideas for lunches and make a few freezer meals.  I'm trying to get ahead of the game.  I've made corn dog muffins, veggie muffins, peanut butter banana dogs.  I wanted some variety and healthy options for his lunch.

We took Jaxon to Open House at his school.  We are so thankful we are friends with his teacher and we know her from church.

The day before school we celebrated Jaxon.  I asked him what he wanted to do and he said go to the children's museum, the one with the boat (aka the one in winston)

We also went to dinner his choice of course was Chick Fil A

We all survived his first Day of school.  I was so thankful Brian was able to take him to school for the first 2 days.  I wasn't sure how he would do with us dropping him off and it would have been difficult having the girls with me too.  Brian walked him in the first 2 days.  He decided on pizza for dinner on his first day of school.  He wanted pepperoni so I made him his own personal pizza.  I also made a BBQ chicken pizza.  Then for dessert I made a big chocolate chip cookie pizza.

Jaxon came home from school and couldn't really remember what he did in school but enjoyed recess and lunch.  I walked him in to class for a few days with the girls in tow.  He was ready after 5 days to walk in by himself.  He said, "mommy I can walk in by myself every day that way you won't have to get the girls out of the van"
He seems to love school.  The hard part for me is driving him and picking him up.  I am having to get everyone adjusted to a new schedule.  The girls are getting up earlier.  Its been nice to have time with Kaelyn.  I have not been making him nap after school, since we are trying to do earlier bedtime.  It still makes it hard because I don't get time to myself unless Brian picks him up. For earlier pick up the girls nap after we get home around 2:30.  I'm thankful he made it 5 years of napping.

Jaxon has told us many times "Mommy you need to have another boy, its hard work taking care of my sisters"

Jaxon has been promoted to his new class at church.  I can tell he is really paying attention. He will ask lots of questions at home.
"mommy we won't get a crown if we sin"
He told me he is sad he can't bring his legos to heaven.
"Mommy did you know that Jesus is everything."  I said, "do you now that he's everywhere?" He said, "he's following us just like the sun." I said, "why do you think he is everything? maybe because he's so big." He said "and he has big eyes."

"Which day are we going to heaven"

Eating dinner one night Brian says "Jaxon I wish I could be skinny just like you." Jaxon says "I like you just the way you are"

"Mommy why doesn't A (her friend) go to church?" I said "Well Jaxon not everyone goes to church, thats why its important we tell them about Jesus" He said "well mommy maybe we can have a bible study here at the house and invite her over"

Kaelyn loves to sing- her latest song is "Hug neck" or "I love you a bushel and a peck" She is really good at remembering the words too.  She picks up on songs real quick. She loves to sing with me or with bubbie at bedtime.  They will also pray at meal time together.
She's a big talker.  She misses her brother while he is at school.  She constantly asks where he is.  She also wants to go to school.
She loves giving long kisses.  She needs lotion at night. She takes her babies everywhere.  She doesn't like to share her babies with Hadley quite yet.  If something is not right in her world she cries.  She's is really good at riding her bicycle.  We love taking the kids to the park where they can ride their bikes.

Hadley is crawling and is pretty quick.  She's a good eater.  She recently has tried zucchini.  I needed to add a green veggie and get some variety in her diet. She loves to suck on 2 fingers.

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