Jaxon's Second Birthday

Monday, September 26, 2016

Summer is over

Our summer with daddy was pretty much over after our trip to Boone. We were sad he had to go back to work and now I had to figure out how to get back on a schedule.

First things first- Jaxon helping me clean out the van

We went to the Children's Museum and decided to check out a new park.  Kaelyn loves the playing with the babies.

I love our cuddle time but it usually doesn't last very long with 2 very active children.

Jaxon loves to sleep with his entire body under the sheet.  He says its to keep the monsters away. Kaelyn loves to sleep with her babies, one in each hand.

We had fun at a friend's superhero birthday party.  All the kids got superhero capes and masks.  Jaxon and Kaelyn love to wear them around the house.

We are enjoying the cooler temperatures.  I treated the kids to a special lunch at Chick Fil A and Jaxon got a haircut to get ready for preschool.  He's still not so sure about it.  He said he wants to stay home and play with his toys.  The teacher came by for a home visit, we had open house at the school, and a meet and greet at a park. Then we had promotion Sunday at church and one night we had open house for church so the kids could see their new classrooms. So I'm sure it really confused him.

We went to an end of the summer get together at the YMCA.  The kids love the splash pad there.

Playing and having a picnic at Jaxon's favorite park

Thomas and Percy play area at the mall

The Children's Museum gets a new police car and Jaxon is so excited and wants to help with the unveiling.

Our church had a family fun weekend over Labor Day.  Free food, entertainment, childcare while Brian and I went to a parenting seminar, and a service day at Brian's school.  Jaxon was a big help and I just chased Kaelyn around.

On Labor Day we decided to go hiking at Hanging Rock.  We ended up running into some friends that joined us for our hike and picnic.  The kids loved it.

23 weeks

Jaxon's first day of preschool.  I had to bribe him with a lollipop so I could take a picture. He wasn't so sure of going to school.  He wanted me to stay with him.  I had to sneak out when he wasn't looking and he had a great day.

Jaxon is doing Awana at our church for the first time this year.  He's so proud of his bag and vest that he gets to wear.  He memorizes bible verses and earns patches for his vest.  It makes for a long day with preschool, but its worth it.

We decided to make a quick weekend trip to see my sister, her husband, and kids for my nieces birthday.  We had a fun time with my family, but it was too short.  Jaxon had his first sleepover and shared a room with his cousin, Maddie Grace.  They did pretty good. The kids enjoyed playing with their cousins.

Kaelyn loves picking and eating tomatoes out of daddy's garden.

Kaelyn misses her brother while he is at preschool, but we find fun stuff to do to keep us busy. She loves to read books and put puzzles together.  She loves her babies and loves to play with carseats and strollers.

Jaxon says his sister looks like a princess

Fun with bubbles and playdough

26 weeks

loves preschool and awana and always asks when he gets to go back
is learning to write his letters
very sweet to his sister and very protective
they love to play together
they also like to take each others toys
He will dress himself in the morning if I lay his clothes out, which has been so helpful
When we have to drop Kaelyn off at nursery, Jaxon likes to tell her bye- "bye cutie or bye sweet pea"
Jaxon loves to give me hugs and kisses when I drop him off at preschool or at his class at church

chases after Jaxon
misses him when he's at preschool
new words- truck, mine, no, out, hi, walk, wash
She's very friendly and likes to wave and say hi to everyone
When we have to drop her off at her class at church she usually has no trouble telling me bye and blowing me a kiss
She loves to stand up on the stool in the bathroom to wash her hands
She loves to climb up on the playground and go down the slide
She loves to get in the stroller and go on walks
loves to open and close doors

Its been fun to watch them discover new things and grow up, but its happening so fast.