Jaxon's Second Birthday

Friday, June 16, 2017

Jordan Family Fun with the cousins and other fun stuff

Jason, Anne, Rivers, and Payson came to visit and stayed at our house over Memorial Day and so did Pat and Wayne. It was a house full.  But we had a good time.  It was so fun to see all the cousins playing together.  We had family pictures taken, went to see grandma, ate some good food, Brian cooked an ostrich egg, and had more family over to celebrate Rivers birthday early.

Cracking open the Ostrich egg using a power tool

Family Pictures

Kid free for several days except we had Hadley with us of course. We love our hammock

We will eventually move Kaelyn into Jaxon's room but for now she is contained in her crib.  We were going to set up the 2nd twin bed but wasn't sure how we were going to set the room up.  We decided while they were gone to see if the bunk beds were going to work.  With the room being the room above the garage we weren't sure if the beds would work because of the ceiling, but it worked.  I am so excited.  For now Jaxon can enjoy either bed.  I'm not in any hurry to move her.  Poor 3rd child doesn't get her own room.  She sleeps in the pack n play in our guest room in the upstairs finished attic.  When Jaxon saw the bunk beds in his room he said "cool" and decided he would sleep on the bottom at night and on the top for naptime. When Kaelyn saw them she said, "I like it"

Can't believe she is 5 months old.  She is rolling over and moving off her play mat.  She loves to talk and make noise.  She's a pretty happy baby.  She sleeps pretty well at night.  Waking up at least once to be fed.  It varies what time she will wake up.  She's a pretty chill baby and will go with the flow.

We went to Ridgfest and looked at all the crafts for sale, had a picnic lunch, went home for nap and then came back for rides and fireworks.  We drove separately since I knew the girls wouldn't last.  Brian and Jaxon had a great time watching the fireworks together.  He thought it was cool to look at.  He said it looked like it was raining different colors.

I took the girls with me to get my haircut.  They did great.  Kaelyn sat in the stroller and had her snacks.  We left Jaxon with a friend and they went to the movies.  He had a great time.

Hadley in the swing for the first time.

Kaelyn loves to sing and is catching on to songs real fast.  She loves "He's got the whole World" Its fun to hear her sing songs.  She'll sing to herself in the bed.

Met out of town friends at the park

Daddy got free tickets to Sesame Street Live so we went and left Hadley at home with Brian's parents.

Fun with friends

Hadley chillin in the bathtub

Having fun in her exersaucer

Hadley's cool hair do

Jaxon pushes me and Kaelyn on the plasma car

Jaxon had fun at his new school for popsicles on the playground.  We had a chance to meet some of his new classmates and their moms.  I left the girls at home with a babysitter.  It was so nice to be able to talk to the moms and not have to chase around the kids.  I met a mom that I graduated college with the same year and the same major.

We went to the butterfly farm with our friends from MOPS.  We were able to feed the butterflies and Jaxon volunteered to help teach all about the butterfly by letting the teacher dress him up.

Jaxon has to do homework for school this summer and he loves it.

Having fun with a new toy that our neighbors gave to us.  

 Jaxon loves to help me vacuum

Kaelyn loves to feed her baby

This is how we survive at the doctor: one is contained in the ergo and one contained in the stroller