Jaxon's Second Birthday

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Summer recap

I'm 17 weeks pregnant.  I've been terrible about taking bump pictures.

I can't believe we are almost half way there.  Its been a rough pregnancy but thankfully I think I'm getting better.  I'm so thankful Brian has been home to help out.  I'm not ready for him to go back in a few weeks.  The heat this summer hasn't helped and we've had to find some fun things to do inside.  I'm kind of bummed that we haven't done alot this summer.  Its been a day to day thing if I wake up feeling good or not.  I'm still getting migraines but not nearly as bad.  I'm still having some nausea.  The doctor has given me some meds that have helped. I've only been to the hospital 2 times to get meds and fluids.  I've been trying to eat more and drink more but its hard when you stay busy and have 2 little ones.

We had a structured playdate at a friends house with storytime and a craft.

Pool time with the friends

reading with daddy

Celebrating my good friend Allie and her baby on the way. So thankful our kids are close in age.

We will do anything for free food- Its Cow Appreciation Day at Chick Fil A

Brian and Jaxon had fun on a father/son date at celebration station riding gocarts and playing arcade games.

Surprising Brian at the drive in movie with friends for his birthday. We saw the Secret Life of Pets.  It was a fun kid free evening thanks to the grandparents for watching all the kids.  We packed dinner and sat outside our cars and waited for the movie to start at dark.

Thankfully the kids spent several days kid free at the inlaws. The kids loved going to VBS at their church and this time both of them loved dancing during worship. Brian and I got some things done, went to the lake, and enjoyed eating out.

Father and son fishing together

Kaelyn loves her baby dolls and will take them everywhere
She likes to do things herself and she will let you know it
she loves buckles
she follows her brother around and will copy him
new words- baby, bye
She loves to make a monkey face and make monkey noises and she cracks herself up.

She loves to call her brother "bubbie" and is always looking for him in the morning.
when we ask her a question she will nod her head yes or shake her head no
She still sleeps in late until 10am and takes a good nap in the afternoon at the same time as Jaxon. She is a good eater. She loves making a mess while feeding herself yogurt for breakfast.

She also loves corn on the cob.

Jaxon and Kaelyn really love each other they love giving each other hugs.

We decided to drive an hour and a half away to Marbles on a hot day.  Its a really fun indoor children's museum.  They had so much fun checking out a new place.

We made a day of it.  We ate some really good BBQ and stopped by Bass Pro Shop

At bedtime we read a bible story, pray and then Jaxon likes to sing a few songs.  Now Kaelyn joins in and follows Jaxon around

Went to Mom and Dad's for a family reunion in Maryland.  We made a long weekend of it and met a friend at a local park and rode the train and carousel.  We also went to some museums in downtown DC and Jaxon loved riding the metro.

Having a tea party at Mimmie and Pop Pop's

Yummy crabs at the reunion

Riding the metro into downtown DC

When we got home my good friend from high school and her family came for a visit.  We showed them around in hopes they would fall in love with the south and move down here.  Took them to a few parks, the old mill, fed them a southern breakfast, and dinner at Prissy Pollys for some good BBQ.

Spent some time at my cousin's apartment pool  Kaelyn loves the water.

father son time at the lake

We went on an overnight visit to see Aunt Lillian and Great grandma.

The kids enjoyed showing her the Cars book and introduced her to Lightning McQueen

We made a pit stop in Rockhill to see the Gordon's.  Ashley and I graduated from college together.  We seem to get pregnant around the same time.  The kids enjoyed seeing their chickens and playing in the dirt.  This is me at 20 weeks.  Ashley is a few months ahead of me.

We are still working on Jaxon pooping in the potty.  Each time he has done it, which isn't very many he has gotten a sticker.  When he gets 5 stickers he gets a toy at Field and Stream that he wants.

The other day I asked Jaxon,
"Do you want to help me make some muffins?"
His response, "No I'm going to watch the news"
Minutes later I asked him "so whats going on in the news?"
He said, "They are calling for rain tonight"
Well we definitely got rain that night, I guess he was paying attention.

Been struggling with horrible migraines this pregnancy, worse than my other 2. Jaxon has been so sweet to check on me and ask how I'm feeling. Today I think he had other motives for asking, he really wanted to see if I was feeling better so he could play his drums and sing really loud. Tonight when we were out running errands he asked if my head still hurt and I said yes buddy it does. I told him he needed to pray and ask Jesus to make me feel better. He said, "Do you want me to pray for you right now?" I said, "Yes, I would love for you to pray for me." So he prayed for my head right there in the car while we were driving. He's so sweet. I love that he knows how to pray and talk to Jesus already at age 4.

Summer update to be continued with our Escape the Greensboro heat trip........