Jaxon's Second Birthday

Friday, March 10, 2017

2 months old

With all the father/daughter dances in our area I was excited for a Mother and Son Superhero date night.  We had a great time going with our neighbors.

newborn pictures back and finally got our birth announcements out

We love getting outside for exercise at the park.  I had to wear Hadley, push Kaelyn  in the stroller, and watch Jaxon ride his bike

We had friends over to play and eat lunch.  The kids love to eat outside.

The kids love to dig in the dirt on a beautiful spring day. 

Can't believe she is 2 months old- been smiling and cooing, sleeping through the night.  She's ready for bed around 8 and will wake up between 4-6 to eat again.  She's a pretty content baby that goes with the flow.

Kaelyn is a chatter box.  Jaxon usually has to interpret for us.  She loves to copy her brother.

Jaxon is still pooping in the potty and wants a treat every time he goes.  He also does not want to flush the toilet because he wants to show daddy.  He's been practicing his writing.  I usually make him do a letter in his ABC activity book before he can do anything else.

He learned an important lesson on stealing.
Jaxon came down stairs with a smile on his face. Like he was hiding something then a few minutes later he showed me he was wearing a watch. Apparently he took it from his friend Timmy's house. He wanted to bring it to school to show his friends and said that he didn't have one. That night he was going to church for Awana and he was to meet up with Timmy and return the watch and apologize. 

At bed time Brian read the Bible story from exodus on the 10 commandments.  Jaxon recognized that not stealing was one of the commandments. Brian and Jaxon prayed and asked for forgiveness.  We felt like he understood. 
Then the next day we had friends over he took his friends flip flops to try on and wanted to wear them. He didn't ask. It was hard for him to give them back. He said he liked them and he wanted them because he didnt have any.  I guess he didn't learn his lesson.

We went to Pittsboro to visit with Aunt Gloria and Uncle Rob

all 3 at 2 months old

I found some goggles while cleaning up and they love to wear them around the house.

We decided to clean the dust off our Wii and buy Mario Cart.  Jaxon loves to play it

Picture Day for Jaxon.  I usually have to bribe him for special occasions to let me spike his hair.

Hadley in one of Kaelyn's outfit

I had to go to the Toyota place to get the van serviced with 3 kids in tow.  We read books, ate snacks, and walked around the showroom.  They decided to sit on the couch and read magazines.  This was not staged.  We waited for 2 hours they did amazingly well.

Fun pictures of the kids.  They love their sister.

Friday, February 17, 2017

1 month old

I can't believe Hadley is already 1 month old

She still sleeps alot and does pretty well during the day.  She tends to get fussier at night
If I'm out and about in the morning with Kaelyn and Jaxon, Hadley usually will fall asleep.  Overall she's a pretty easy baby the other 2 are more challenging but we are surviving.  She transitions well and sleeps anywhere. When she was about 1.5 month old she started giving me some longer stretches at night.

I'll feed her 1-2 times at night, feed her around the time I wake up, after preschool drop off, around lunch time/naptime, after naptime, at bedtime.  She naps really good in between. They say the 3rd is along for the ride. So sometimes she gets left in the car when we get home if she has fallen asleep.  She's protected that way and the kids can't get her.  I'm surprised she doesn't wake up when the doors open and close and with all the noise once we get home.  The other 2 would always wake up.

I took all 3 kids to the children's museum to meet some friends.  I pushed the stroller and Jaxon and Kaelyn held hands as we walked in together.  He does a pretty good job of protecting her and watching out for her.  We still have to work on him taking things or snatching them from her and using his words instead.

My friends wanted to celebrate Hadley and threw us a shower.  I hadn't registered for much because thankfully we have almost everything we need.  We did get alot of diapers which was a blessing.

My cousin Montana came for a visit all the way from Charlotte

I joined a gym for 3 months using a groupon.  My goal is to go when Jaxon is in preschool and take Kaelyn to the childcare there and wear Hadley, which will add some extra weight and give me a good workout.  They have an indoor walking track that I'll use on these cold days.  Thats about all I can do until I get cleared from my doctor.  She usually sleeps while I get my workout.

We've enjoyed these warmer days.  It doesn't feel like winter.  So we've been enjoying the outdoors while we can.

Loves to put on Kaelyn's dress up clothes, which kind of worries me a little

He loves his sister

We got creative and made a fire truck out of a diaper box

He loves to build with the little legos.  He's been doing so well pooping in the potty on his own that we've been giving him candy or buying him a few things that he's really wanted.
"Jaxon now you don't have to wear pull ups to bed." He said "Now I can sleep naked like you daddy"

Since Jaxon has been pooping pretty consistently I took him to the toy store to get some more legos. He said "Now I don't have to clean myself up when I poop in my pull-up. Praise the Lord"

Next time we are getting a smaller lego set.  Over 200 pieces was too many for me.

They love each other

I can't keep up with all her new words.  I know she is learning alot from her brother.
As long as I bring food, Kaelyn does pretty well tagging along at doctors appointments or hair cut appointments.  She usually goes pretty good sitting in the stroller

She loves to hold her sister

loves her play mat when I remember to put her on it, but Jaxon and Kaelyn love it too

She is pretty content in the ergo and will fall asleep

She has done pretty well at church.  We've kept her with us and haven't stuck her in nursery yet.
She is still sleeping alot

Operation Valentines Day
I was kind of last minute thinking of things to do for Brian and involve the kids.  I cut out hearts and Jaxon and I thought of reasons why we love daddy.  Then on Valentines we showed up at his work and taped them to the inside of his truck.  After work he saw them and said he felt loved.

Jaxon requested we have a picnic lunch

I got some pretty roses and breakfast from the hubby

New outfit from Aunt Meredith, Uncle Michael, Maddie Grace and Cooper