Jaxon's Second Birthday

Monday, July 11, 2016

Christmas blessing

So we thought having one of each was plenty and we were content, having a son and a daughter, but God had other plans.  I was late and decided to take a test.  We got a surprising positive pregnancy test on April 23.  We will be adding to our family in December.  We are excited and are looking forward to seeing what God has in store for our family of 5.

So first thing on our list was that we needed to start shopping for a new vehicle.  We hadn't planned on getting one so early but on Mother's Day weekend we traded in my SUV and got a Toyota Sienna minivan.  We have officially crossed over to the dark side of being in the minivan club.  Brian didn't think we would be a minivan family but he loves it.  When we were shopping around one of the salesmen asked me if I was a cool mom.  I said, I hope so.  He said alot of mom's don't like the image of being a minivan mom.  I told him I didn't care, we just needed more room and I need space for 5 people in the van. I was sad to trade in my SUV but was excited to have more room.
We had to upgrade to make room for another carseat coming in December 2016.

It was a little hard to fathom that we were pregnant again. I had my initial appointment and everything looked good- there was in fact a baby in there.  We went to the doctor on June 1 and they were concerned with what they saw on the ultrasound.  The nucal fold (in the back of the neck) was a little thicker than they wanted to see.  It was a little early to measure and to really tell anything so they wanted me to come back in a few weeks for them to look at it again.  But they did say it could be a sign that the thickness could be a sign of a chromosome defect, heart defect, or nothing.  It was the longest few weeks ever.  I was worried and my thoughts were going everywhere.  It didn't help that I was home by myself for a days while Brian was at work. The kids were at my inlaws because I was having horrible migraines. I had had migraines when I was pregnant with Jaxon and ended up having to go to the hospital to get some special meds.  But with Kaelyn I had some and they weren't as bad.  I had more nausea with Jaxon than with Kaelyn too.  I had told the doctor about my migraines and she prescribed vicodin to save me a trip to the hospital if my migraines got worse.
I had lots of friends praying.  I had to pray and trust that whatever the outcome was God was going to be with me and things would be ok no matter what.  I found a bookmark that my BSF leader had given me that was truth that I needed to cling to. "Do not fear for I AM with you. Do not be dismayed for I AM your God. I will strengthen you and hep you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." Isaiah 41:10

On June 13 I went back to the doctor and they did another ultrasound. I was thankful Brian could be with me.  That afternoon he had an interview for a new teaching job so I was just praying we would have an encouraging appointment.
The nucal fold checked out fine.  It measured at 2.3 and they don't want it over 3.5  I was so relieved.  I finally feel like I can be excited about being pregnant and I can relax.
On June 22 and for the next several days my migraines got worse.  The vicodin didn't help and I couldn't get rid of them.  I was in the bed for a few days.  I'm so thankful my inlaws were there to help because Brian had to work for a few days.
On Monday June 27 Brian ended up taking Kaelyn to the doctor and she ended up testing positive for strep then he had to come home and pick me and Jaxon up and drop me off at the hospital.  I still could not get rid of my migraine.  I was nauseous and probably dehydrated.  It was hard for me to eat and have an appetite which probably didn't help things.  I got sick on the way to the hospital, which makes 2x now that I've gotten sick with this pregnancy.  The special drugs they gave me at the hospital and the IV fluids did the trick.  I felt so much better.  I knew that if I could just make it through the first trimester things would only get better.  At least thats how it happened with Kaelyn and Jaxon. Praying that feel better soon.  I forget that nausea comes with being pregnant, otherwise my pregnancies have been ok.

We aren't finding out the sex of the baby until he/she decides to make their grand entrance into this world.  We are excited about our Christmas/New Years blessing.  Due date is December 29 and I know that Jaxon and Kaelyn will be great with their little brother or little sister.  Jaxon is already so caring and loves his sister and Kaelyn loves babies.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Daddy's home

I just started putting pigtails in Kaelyn's hair and I absolutely love it.  I think it makes her look older.

Playtime outside

So we told Jaxon our news and asked if he wanted a brother or a sister.  His response, "I want 2 sweet peas"  then later he said, "I don't want nuffin"

I had to take him to the bathroom with me.  After I went he was looking at my belly.  I said you see my big belly, there is a baby in there.  He said, How's it going to come out?" I said "well we will go to the hospital and they will get it out."

I was able to get away for a few days and go to the lake with mom, my aunt, and some cousins with no kids (well for the most part).  My kids stayed home.  We relaxed in the lake, took a boat ride to get dinner, played spoons, and visited with my great aunt.

On our way home we stopped to visit with my grandmother

Somebody was sick Fathers Day weekend, I think it was Kaelyn, so we decided to stay home from church and spend some time together.  We went to the park and went for a walk.

We are so excited that Brian got a new teaching job.  It will be closer to home and he will have a longer summer.  He's been wanting a job at this particular school for a long time, but nobody leaves because everyone loves it there.  Its a school with alot more diversity and students go there that don't know English very well because they are just coming into the country. There is a smaller number of staff and they seem very close and also our church is very connected with the school.

An older theater downtown is showing alot of kids movies this summer.  We chose to go see the Cars movie, Jaxon's favorite.  Daddy missed out because he had a workday at his new school, so my inlaws took us.  Jaxon had alot of fun and we ran into a few of our friends there.

We went to the children's museum with daddy

This year was Jaxon's first time in VBS.  The theme was CAVE QUEST.  We love that our church is so invested with the kids.  The decorating committee did a great job getting the church ready for the kids.  His teacher told me that every time they had large group in the sanctuary Jaxon was up front dancing and singing and doing the motions.  We got a glimpse of him during family night.

We found a new play area at a nearby mall.  Then of course the day that I decide to leave diaper bags in the car Kaelyn throws up in her stroller.

We visited with Bessie, Brian's grandmother.

They both love to ride in the shopping carts

We have been getting a ton of veggies from Brian's garden.  I take no credit for it.

We enjoyed a July 3rd cookout with good friends.  So thankful to have friends with kids that can grow up together.

July 4th we went to visit family nearby and enjoyed good food and swimming in the pool.  The kids had a great time.  Jaxon loved driving sister around in the pink barbie jeep. Kaelyn loved eating the corn.  We stayed for a good part of the day.  It was a little over an hour to get home. Jaxon was pooped and fell asleep on the way home.  Kaelyn talked the whole way home.

Jaxon got a new hair cut.  He looks so grown up.  What a stud. He wasn't too sure about the spikes.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Schools almost out

We can't wait to have daddy home with us for the summer.
This is a time for us to do family stuff together and go to new places that I not sure I want to check out by myself or to take daddy to fun places that we've gone to while he's been working.  Also to work on his honey do list.

"Wow mommy look at that fancy car" (He doesn't miss a thing on the road)
He loves helping his sister.  One day he wanted to walk with her so he took her by the hand and walked around the house with her.  He said, "I love walking with my sister"

nap strike is over and one reason I think is because its warming up outside and he's so worn out from playing or he's growing and he's more tired.
So Jaxon's buddy Andrew got a trundle bed and was told that the extra bed would be for a sleepover with one of his friends. He told his mom the other day that he wanted to have Jaxon over for a sleepover.  His mom said he could one day when they were older, but that he would have to talk to Jaxon's mommy.  Andrew looked at her and said "you could just send her an email now and then we could have a sleepover tonight"
I told Jaxon this and of course he was excited.  When I told him it wasn't happening right now it would have to be when he was older.  Jaxon said "But mommy you could stay there with me"
So now of course its a chaperoned sleep over.  Maybe an incentive for the both of them would be that they need to poop in the potty inside of their pullups or underwear since no other incentive is working.

Fun at the splash park

letting us know she is done with her meal

Kaelyn finally got her first haircut.  I said "Kaelyn show me your hair"  She posed with her new haircut

The boys digging their way to China

trying to figure out the bubbles

She entertains herself by just sitting in the wagon

playdate at a friends- they played in the water and with all the outdoor toys.  Kaelyn loved the play house

playing with his buddy Andrew.  When they play in the evening after dinner it usually wears them out and they tend to sleep in in the morning. One of Kaelyn's friends decided to come play too.

checking out a new park on a hot day not such a good idea because the equipment on the playground was hot.