Jaxon's Second Birthday

Friday, November 11, 2016

Pregnancy update

I feel like I haven't written much about this pregnancy.  Life has been pretty busy keeping up with our 2 little ones.  Although Jaxon isn't really little anymore.  I can't believe our baby is 4.5 and is going to Kindergarten next year.  The first half of my pregnancy during the heat of our summer was pretty rough with migraines a making 2 trips to the ER to get rid of them.  Thankfully Brian was home and could take care of me.  I've had more nausea this pregnancy but thankfully it only lasted until 20 weeks.  I haven't had any swelling probably due to the fact that I'm chasing around our 2 and am on the go most of the time.  I'm involved in a bible study once a week and MOPS 2x a month so that gives me a break as well as Jaxon being in preschool 3 days a week in the morning.  Thankfully they both nap in the afternoon, so I can prop up feet and relax.  Although at times I feel guilty because there is so much to do during the 3-4 hour window they are sleeping but I'm just exhausted.  I feel like this pregnancy has gone by fast.  People keep asking am I ready and I'm like no not really.  I still need to pack my bags, get the carseat ready, and get baby clothes washed.  I think part of the problem is Kaelyn and Jaxon were late and I had to be induced.  I had no signs of labor at home.  Just nervous about how this baby is going to be.  Its hard to be prepared when I don't know when this baby is going to decide to make its grand entrance.  This poor baby has probably got neglected some.  Sometimes I forget I'm pregnant and I'm still in denial that this baby will be here in a little over a month.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the thought of having one more child in the house.  I know that God has blessed us with this child and He will help us parent all our children.  We are not on our own. I just need to trust that He will equip us.

The baby is moving around like crazy especially after I eat something sweet.  The kids love to touch my belly.  Jaxon keeps asking when is the baby going to come out.  Kaelyn loves to pull up my shirt to put her hand on my belly.  She loves to point out her baby in her belly too.  I've had several people with no filter make comments and I just have to laugh.

While out at some craft fairs over the weekend and 33 weeks pregnant.
"Well you got some belly going on there" (I'm glad I'm pregnant because that comment would have made things awkward)
"You look like you are about ready to pop"
I said, no not really, 7 more weeks
"Oh really oh my gosh"

Then at church picking up Jaxon from his class one of the older adults said..
When are you due? December 29
Oh wow how many are you having? just one
Well bless your heart I hope it comes before then.

I did get one positive comment while at a consignment store the other day. A lady that worked there said, "what a pretty belly"

I've had some heel pain and lower back pain but I'll take it over the migraines. Brian has named both of our kids.  We've brainstormed names for this one and can't really come up with one of each that we can agree on.  We have each come up with a boy and a girl name.  Jaxon came up with the name coconut. He will tell you we are having a girl but he really wants it to be a boy.  We didn't want to find out the sex of this baby just like we did with Kaelyn.  It was alot of fun and a wonderful surprise when Kaelyn was born to find out at the birth that we had a daughter.  

33 weeks

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!!!

Can't believe our little girl is 2 years old.  We had a little birthday party for her and invited a few of her friends over and my inlaws. We decided on a ballerina party since she is tutu cute.  I think one of her favorite birthday gifts was her baby doll stroller.  She loves to chase her brother with it.  They will race around the house. So thankful for all of her little friends.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Happy Fall Ya'll

Brian went kayaking and camping one weekend and while he was packing up the kids enjoyed playing in the kayak.  It was my first time with both kids overnight and we survived.  We even made it to church on time.  To be honest I think my motivation was having some adult time while the kids were in there classes for 3 hours.

They love going to certain grocery stores to ride in the car carts

Brian had a good time kayaking 11 miles and then camping overnight with friends but we were glad when he got home

We had friends over and my friend's baby needed to use our play mat.  Of course Kaelyn and Jaxon had to try it out.

Jaxon's favorite park because they have toys there

Jaxon loves to play sword fight and play with toy guns with his daddy.  Kaelyn will even get in on the action.  She already knows how to make a shooting noise.

visiting Brian's grandma on a rainy Saturday

Kaelyn loves to take her socks and shoes on and off while we are in the van.

enjoyed dinner and s'mores by the fire

Jaxon loves pancakes and waffles and enjoys helping me make them for breakfast

outside fun at the park

Annual Apple Run- this year we got 10 bushels of apples, 3 pumpkins, box of sweet potatoes, 2 mums and some yummy snacks.  We brought some friends along with us.
Kaelyn loves apples and will eat the whole thing.  We call her the apple thief
My inlaws came over the next week for 2 days and they helped me can 105 quart jars of applesauce. I think we should be good for the year. We also made apple butter, froze some apples, and made dehydrated apples.

29 weeks

Pumpkin patch and hayride with moms and kiddos from MOPS

The kids love to put their hands on my belly and feel the baby move.  Its getting more real, 9 weeks to go.

Kaelyn gets a haircut from my haircut lady.  She did really well sitting in the chair by herself for the first time.

I love it on a Saturday when the boys spend time together- they went out for breakfast and ran some errands and brought home flowers from the farmers market. Jaxon loved going to the farmers market- it just happened to be antique truck day. He was excited.

HOA meeting and the Mad Science guy

Since I have not had much energy lately and its been so nice outside I decided to let the kids play on the porch.

New hairdo one morning

Mom and Dad came to visit to help us clean and declutter and get ready for the baby.  We decided to take them to the Children's museum and the new park downtown.  We also went to the mountains for the day to show them where we got our apples from.  It was a fun day trip.

31 weeks

Jaxon, Brian, and Paw Paw went camping overnight and had a great time together. They had to hike a few miles to their campsite.  He hiked 5.1 miles total and climbed 400 stairs.  Brian said he did really well.  I packed clothes and everything Jaxon needed.  I think he wore the same clothes for a few days. Kaelyn and I stayed home and Maw Maw came to hang out with us.  I was in no condition to camp.

He came home so dirty. I don't think the wipes I packed were used.

We are not big into Halloween but we did let the kids dress up and go to a few houses.  Thanks to a friend's birthday party we had free costumes this year.  They love dressing up as superheroes and chase each other around the house. They enjoyed seeing the trick or treaters come to our house all dressed up.  We usually pass out candy and give out tracks.  We like seeing our neighbors.

loves to say "Amen" after we pray
she loves to play in Jaxon's bed

she continues to learn new words- Night night, read, mine, Aaachoo, hot, cold, wash, wipe, out, go
when she doesn't get her way or brother is aggravating her she gets a little attitude and screams and squeals.
We love seeing her little personality come out
she loves for me to read to her "The Napping House" a book that Great Aunt Gloria and Great Uncle Rob gave her and The wheels on the bus which has interactive pages.

She loves to wear her backpack into church

He's had a few difficult days at preschool when I drop him off and even when my inlaws were here watching the kids while I went to a dr. appt.  He's a little unsure of me leaving.  He wants me to stay or wants to go with me.  Friends have said its the age or maybe its just not sure about the transition and baby coming soon. He is learning new letters at school and has been practicing writing them.  He's made some friends at preschool and continues to enjoy going.  He also loves going to awana.  He always asks what we are doing tomorrow.
He's a good big brother and they play well together. He's really protective and likes to boss her around.