Tuesday, July 31, 2018

July fun

Jaxon attempts to do some pushups like daddy.

Kaelyn hangs out with daddy at the lake

Ice cream at our favorite place in Winston

Jaxon loves to get ahold of my phone and take selfies

July 3rd fireworkswith friends

Hadley loves to hang out in daddy's chair

July 4th at Aunt Sue Sue's

Family Bike ride

Kids Bowl Free- Hadley enjoyed running around in the arcade area

Jaxon loves to help me clean

the kids loves to help pick the garden and our blueberry bushes

Family hike

Lake day with the boys

Free chicken from chick fil a

We decided to give some friends a kid free night and had their kids over for a sleepover.  The boys had been at the lake all day and were pretty tired.  The girls stayed up late talking.  Our kids minus Hadley went over to their house later in the week and stayed up late too.  The bedroom doors were left open which the kids aren't used to and I think their car scared them.  I think we will wait a while before we let the kids have a sleepover.

We dropped the kids off at Brian's parents and went to Jordan Lake for the afternoon.

Brian sells his smoker and gets a blue egg (costco's green egg version, but much cheaper)

Sky Zone birthday party

Surprised Brian for his birthday and had our small group meet us for ice cream

Hadley loves to blow kisses and also loves to eat corn on the cob

Pool time

Daddy takes the older kids to city Park and I stay home with Hadley who is getting over being sick

Making tomato sauce with our tomatoes

Father/Son time at the cabin

We got a cover for the truck

Road trip in the truck to PA/VA.  Brian wanted to save some miles on the van and so we decided to squeeze in the truck.  It was nice and cozy.  The kids were very close in the back and loved to aggravate each other and keep each other awake.  It was a long day.  We spent a few days with Brian's brother and family and then we went to see my parents in Northern VA. The kids had fun with their cousins and spent time in their pool.
At my parents we took walks in their neighborhood, played at parks and went to a farm.