Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Christmas and the new year

During Christmas break- Jaxon's friend Andrew came over to play.

Jaxon helped me make cookies to take to the neighbors

It was nice to stay home and enjoy Christmas together.  The kids helped me decorate a birthday cake for Jesus.  Jaxon got 3 lego sets for Christmas and built them pretty quickly.  I was excited to get a gel mat to stand on while doing dishes. Brian thinks I'll be begging to do dishes now.

I wanted to get more pictures taken since Hadley is now 12 months and I had matching outfits for the girls.  

I think either this Cabin fever has gotten to Me or I love this guy so much. He convinced me and him to go to McDonalds because he wanted me to try their cheeseburgers because they are so good. Thx pat and Wayne. 

Andrews bday party

During break Brian grilled some turkeys and we made a bunch of turkey stock to last us a while

It was so cold that we used our back porch to keep alot of our food cold.  Some of it even froze.  

We got to spend some one on one time with the kids

Hadley turns one.  I tried a new recipe for an easy one bowl cake.  It was a disaster. We ended up having "Uncle Eric" over to celebrate her birthday on her actual day.  We had a party a few weeks later.  

I ran out of icing.

December 31 Hadley takes off on her walker. 

Our Christmas break together was just ok.  It was so cold we couldn't go outside to play and Brian and the kids were sick.  Brian's grandmother's health was going downhill and we were expecting her to pass away anytime.  She ended up passing away right after they went back to school.  We didn't have much joy and weren't really excited to ring in the new year.  We had to cancel our New Years party that we were hosting at our house. We barely made it to church for the month of December.
Everybody got sick except me.  Thankfully it was just congestion and fever and not the stomach bug.

We did make it for the Christmas Eve service

Going back to school after break was hard.  No more sleeping in.  Also it means Jaxon stays late everyday.  School is not over for him until 3:30 everyday.  So I get the girls up from their nap at the last minute and we get to school around 4 to pick him up.  Thankfully Brian can still pick up a few days a week.  I decided that Hadley needed to drop her morning nap and since pick up is later naptime is just moved up earlier to 12:30 for the girls.  I'm more flexible with naptime if Brian picks up Jaxon.  But they are usually tired and ready for a nap around 12:30 or 1 anyways 
It also means all of our errands have to be done after drop off.  So new schedule for us.  Thankful for storytimes at the library, bible study on Wednesdays, playdates, and swim lessons to fill up our week.

We had a unexpected visit with Jason, Anne, and the boys.  They came to visit for Great Grandma's funeral.  The cousins had fun together.  They all slept up in the attic, which meant Hadley needed a room.  She slept in our walk in closet and did just fine.  Poor 3rd child.  While we had company she finally started sleeping through the night more consistently.

Brian and Jason's cousins

January 8 Hadley had her 12 month well visit and ended up with meds for an ear infection.
Weight: 17lb 14.5oz
Height: 2 feet 3 inches
 Kaelyn loves to play dress up

I had an unexpected visit with my college friend Ashley who was in the area and stopped by.

Finally we are able to get to the park.  The kids love to get outside.

Mom and Dad visit for Hadley's birthday party.  We had it on Martin Luther King weekend.

Brian, Jaxon, and my dad enjoyed Monster Jam together.  Surprisingly Jaxon did fine with the noise and was glued to the action.

Hadley's birthday party was on a Saturday night January 13 and we had my parents and my aunt and many friends to come and celebrate.  Church friends, neighbors, and family came. Hadley I think was a little overwhelmed and didn't really dig into her cake like we thought.  She actually liked her birthday cake on her birthday rather than her party cake.  The theme was Winter ONEderland.  I had chili, cornbread, apple sauce pouches, juice, water, Pigs in a blanket, and  mac and cheese for dinner.  Mom and Dad made smores on a stick which was a big hit and I made cupcakes.  I sent home our friends with some marshmellows and hot chocolate.

Great Aunt Wendy, Mimmie and Pop Pop

Aunt Wendy
Danielle, Theo, and Nathan
Olivia, Brandon, and Jennifer
Stu, Chase, Jennifer, and Parker
Lucy, Meg, Mary, Nathan and Seth
Brooke, baby Tristen, and Aiden
Tom, Timmy, Amy, and Eliana
Vivienne, Steven, Jocelyn, and Jessica
Sarah, Allen, and Beck, (kezzie- in carseat)
Andrew and Lisa
Great Aunt Wendy and the kids

While my parents were here we headed to Chapel Hill to visit with my aunt and uncle and see their new house.

on Martin Luther King we headed to Danville. Me and the kids found a science center to go to while Brian got his eyes check.  We went to Danville because our friend is an eye surgeon and we needed to get his eyes checked.

3 Days in a row January 17-19 school was cancelled because of the snow.  We got about 10 inches.
We played in the snow and basically were snowed in because neither one of our cars could get up the driveway.  Jaxon played at Andrews house and Andrew played at our house.  Thankful our houses are in walking distance. Hadley stayed inside with me.  Thankful that Brian could stay home since teachers didn't have to go in.

January 20 we went to Boone for the day and Brian took Kaelyn and Jaxon skiing.  The lift tickets were free and they shared boots and skis.  They just took turns.  They had fun and it was Kaelyn's first time on skis.

Jaxon hadn't really practiced on his big boy bike in a long time.  He would much rather ride his balance bike.  He seemed scared and I figured when he was ready to try he would tell us. I wasn't going to force him.  Sunday January 21 I was with him in the car coming home from a birthday party and he wanted me to tell Brian to take off his training wheels.  We got home he decided he wanted to try it again and off he went.  He just took off.  Everyday after school he can't wait to get home so he can ride his bike.  

Thankful for some nice warmer temperatures this week so we can get outside and play.  I saw a big difference in their behavior once we were able to get outside.  

She started sleeping through the night more consistently at the beginning of the year.  She has 2 teeth now.  She's drinking whole milk before nap and bedtime.  She loves to eat.  She's pulling up and climbing on things.  She gets into everything especially toys that Jaxon and Kaelyn don't want her to have.  Its so hard to make sure little things are not in her reach.
She can get around pretty good but is not walking yet.  She is a climber and sometimes can't figure out how to get down.  She still loves to be worn and its a must when I'm out with even just Kaelyn.

Conversations with the kiddos
Brian was bringing the kids home last night. Jaxon said daddy I miss tall great grandma (great mama) I don’t remember what she looks like. 
Brian said I can show you a pic when we get home 
Jaxon said no that’s ok I’ll see her in heaven one day. 

Jaxon I bet your excited for School to start back tomorrow. 
No not really. 
Aren’t you excited to see "M"
Well she always distracts me. 

While Jaxon has been sick I’ve been trying to teach him to blow his nose. He can’t seem to get the hang of it. He knows how to breathe in. But can’t figure out how to blow out. He said that’s just how God made Me. 

Kaelyn don’t put your hands everywhere and don’t touch everything. 
Ok how about I close my hands?

I told the kids I had a treat for them if they can be good listeners. J said when he grows up he’s going to give his kids treats all the time. 
He also said he’s going to have kids when he’s 16 when he’s bigger 

He’s going to marry someone who doesn’t have a wife. I said no someone who doesn’t have a husband. He said well Kaelyn is my wife. 

We were in the car on the way to school and Kaylen said she had a baby in her belly. I said you can only have a baby in your belly if you’re married. Jackson said well God can put a baby in there when you are  a girl kid I said well God wants us to be married before we have kids.

Jaxon was learning in Sunday school about making God number one.  He listed a few things that distract him from God.  He said mommy and legos.  I talked to him about clarifying that.  He said that sometimes he loves me and his legos more than God and those things distract him from loving God first.

our sleeping children.  So thankful they are great sleepers

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