Saturday, July 22, 2017

Daddy is home!!!

We are so excited daddy is home with us for the summer.  We have many things on our bucket list of fun things to do and a project life for the summer.  The summer will be over before we know it.

We checked out a new BBQ place on fathers day weekend.  They had a cool game room too.

I always have trouble with what to get Brian for Fathers Day.  I was so excited when I saw this at Hobby Lobby. Thankful and blessed picture frame with newborn pics of the 3 kids

Jaxon's friend from church had a Superhero birthday party at the splash park

We decided to drive to Cana, VA and we stopped in Mt Airy for some ice cream.  The kids got Superman ice cream that turned their tongue blue.

My good friend Kristen had a baby and I got to meet baby Asher. So sweet and so little.  Smaller than our babies when they were born.

We had VBS this year and we helped decorate for a few days.  The kids got to test out some of the neat stuff.  So thankful for our church. "Maker Fun Factory- Created by God built for a Purpose"

Jaxon was excited to carpool with his buddy Andrew to VBS.  We dropped off and picked up 2 days and they did the other 2 days.

We swam with friends and left daddy and Hadley at home.  The kids loved it and Kaelyn was just getting warmed up for the summer.

Hadley and Jaxon both had a well visit.  Gotta keep them contained to manage 3 kids in a doctors office.

Jaxon- 5 year check up
Weight- 35 lbs
Height-41.5 inches
Jaxon did great at his check up.  Thankfully no shots.  He had a hearing and eye test.

Hadley- 6 month check up
Weight- 15lbs 5oz
Height- 25.5 inches
Head 42 3/4

I've been meeting with a group of Moms to pray for our kids as they get ready for school.  The group is called "Moms in prayer"  Its been really good.  I'm excited to find some other moms to meet with at Jaxon's new school.

Kaelyn loves to look at books or have me read to her, she loves to sing to herself or be sung to, and she loves her babies.  She is a mess and we love her.  She talks alot and asks many questions.  She is OCD like her brother and has to have things a certain way.  She can get very dramatic.  She loves her brother.

Kaelyn sleeping with all her animals and babies

Kaelyn loves her sunglasses

We are working on potty training with a potty watch, but it is not going very well.  I guess we will just wait until she is ready.

One morning we get a text from our neighbor informing us that one of our trees had fallen.  We have such great neighbors that helped us cut up the tree and get it out of the middle of the road.  We are so thankful it didn't hurt anybody or fall on our house.

Hadley turns 6 months

Kaelyn and Hadley in the same outfit

June 26 Hadley tries her first food, avocado.  She attacks the spoon and reaches for it to try and feed herself.

Brian took Jaxon out for breakfast and then met up with his friend Eric and his dad to go fishing at his lake house.  I love that Brian spends father/son time with Jaxon.

We checked out a new splash park

Hadley loves to give kisses.

It was great grandma's 90th bday, so we went to go visit her to celebrate.

July 4th at Aunt Susan's and Uncle Larry's.  Kaelyn was a little fish and loved the pool

We checked out the splash park at Lebauer park

We spent some time at the pool time at cousin Ally's apartment.  Too bad we couldn't hang out with her some, she was studying hard.

Jaxon just loves his sisters

We decided to surprise daddy and celebrate his birthday early.  I got a group of his guy friends together and planned a guys night.  They did the escape room and went out to dinner.  2 of the guys surprised him and picked him up and took him to meet everybody else.  I had the moms and kids over for dinner and playtime.  It was alot of fun.  Brian had no idea.

We have some wonderful friends that let us use their house at Smith Mt. Lake.  We had a great time getting away and both sets of grandparents were able to come.  Jaxon and Kaelyn shared a room for the first time, which was interesting.  Kaelyn was in a pack and play and they kept each other up.  Thankfully we had room to split them up for nap time.  Hadley was in our room which was challenging too.  But we survived and had a great time on the water.  We had great food, enjoyed time on the jet ski and floating in the water, fishing, ping pong, and relaxing in the hot tub.  The kids loved all the attention from the grandparents.  Once we got there Jaxon found legos and that kept him entertained.  Both sets of grandparents went for a ride on the jet ski.  Kaelyn got to ride the jet ski for the first time- "Weeee daddy go faster"

We decided to go bowling for daddy's birthday.  We hadn't been in a while and this was Kaelyn's first time.  We had a great time.  It was a fun indoor activity.

One night while eating dinner Jaxon gets down and goes into the den to play and he to check on Hadley.  He then tells us that Hadley is crawling but I didn't believe him.  Sure enough she had started to crawl.  She is growing up too fast. We've had to block off a corner of the room for Hadley to be contained and crawl around.

Jaxon and Kaelyn went to stay with the inlaws for a few days.  We got some time together and were able to get some projects done and Hadley got to sleep at the Ritz (aka Kaelyn's bed for a few days)
We checked out a new ice cream place and played checkers.

I was so excited to get my hair highlighted to cover up the gray.  It was pretty bad.

Brian had a Father/Son movie date to see Cars 3.  We haven't been to a movie theater in a long time.  They have really upgraded these movie theaters.  They now have electric recliners.  Jaxon loved it.

Jaxon loves building with his legos he is so creative

He loves to help me in the kitchen

An overdue haircut

Hadley has eaten avocado, sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, and applesauce

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